Audio recording for professional albums or demos.

Good recordings come from good performances. At Studio EZcoast we pride ourselves in offering you the freedom, flexibility and relaxed atmosphere you need to give the best performance possible. Our reasonable pricing gives you the space and time to make a great recording in stress-free environment. Studio EZcoast’s producers and studio musicians can give your music the edge you need, and our professional staff working with a wide selection of gear, make the choice simple.

Here are some of the projects recently completed at Studio EZcoast:

The Graffenberg All-stars, G marks the spot

G marks the spot is a superbly diverse and interesting hip-hop record. Featuring Julien Lacaille as engineer/producer and numerous studio musicians, including live brass and rhythm section on many tracks. G marks the spot is a truly original and high quality piece of artwork.

Check out some reviews of the album yourself!

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The Claremont Standards Jazz Band – A walk in the Woods

This six-piece jazz ensemble has just completed their second full-length album at Studio EZcoast. This acoustic jazz album has a flavour all it’s own, including original tracks by composers: Steve Rosenbloom, Daniel Eastcott, and Noel Perras.

“The nice thing about this recording is that we could accommodate the six-piece jazz ensemble so they would have visual contact, and then could express themselves freely”

- Owner Daniel Eastcott 

Steve Rosenbloom’s jazz composition career started in 1985 when one of his compositions “Mexican Holiday” was featured in a CBC Jazzbeat broadcast of a concert by the McGill University Jazzlab Band. Over the next 8 years 5 other big-band arrangements of his compositions were played by CBC jazz shows of recordings by the McGill student bands or the McGill University Alumni Jazzband. In 1994 in collaboration with fellow composer Richard Karmel, Rosenbloom produced a CD called “Last Call at Café Alto” featuring 5 of his compositions played by saxophonist Dave Turner and pianist Wray Downes. Similar collaborations occurred between Rosenbloom and Richard Karmel in 1998 and 2001 resulting in “Midnight Martini” (1998) and “Dedications” (2001) featuring the great Canadian jazz trumpet player Guido Basso and the equally marvellous saxophonist Dave Turner. These albums appearing on the Justintime Label were critically acclaimed. Steve has been a charter member of the Claremont Standards Band since its formation in 2003. Regards Steve, 


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