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Audio Services

Audio recording for professional albums or demos.

Good recordings come from good performances. At Studio EZcoast we pride ourselves in offering you the freedom, flexibility and relaxed atmosphere you need to give the best performance possible.  (more...)

Actors Demos

Whether you have a talent agent already or you’re just getting into the biz, Studio EZcoast can help you get a squeaky-clean actors demo under your belt. (more...)

Radio Jingles 

Woman (in frantic tone): 

I…..I….Just can't seem to find a studio that can create a catchy radio commercial ?

 SFX: Big Brass section (drag net theme) 

dumm dumm dumm dumm duuummmmmmmmmmm 

Woman (calm sounding): 

It's actually really Easy, Just call Studio EZcoast ! 

Cue Music: Jazzy piano drum n'bass music. 

Announcer: Studio EZcoast recording studio, in Montreal area dial 514-931-4905, that's 514-931-4905.


The staff at Studio EZcoast invite you to make the most of your recording session by using our pre-production services. With practice space available, Studio EZcoast is the idea place to make decisions about music before you record it. Our reasonable pricing make calling on Studio EZcoast's pre-production team a must for making any project big or small shine.

Instrument Audio Sampling

With EZ drums pro-sampling CD's currently on the market, Studio EZcoast is the ultimate choice for pro-sampling of any instrument. (more...)


With a wide understanding of countless musical genres, an increasing number of scoring and arranging projects are done at Studio EZcoast. Call on us when you have a last-minute Scoring/Arranging project – we’ll help make sure your deadlines are met!

Sound Effects

Various industry standard Sound Effects libraries as well as custom sound effects are used at Studio EZcoast. With specific engineers for film, foley, voice, computer games, multimedia, instrumental, and many more.


Reasonable rates are offered for all transfer, duplication and restoration needs. At Studio EZcoast we go the extra mile to be flexible to your schedule.

Royalty-free Soundtracks

Choose from a wide array of loops, beats, drum tracks, synth-infused madness, dense orchestral pieces, instrumental jams, smooth jazz, and more… all royalty-free!