“There are many musicians attending university, especially in Montréal. These are the people that tend to run straight home after class, lock themselves in their room, practice and write original music, like myself. The aid from Concordia allowed us to pull our creativity together and work with other musicians in the school. At the same time building and reinforcing friendships. With a professional studio and money on the line, we knew we had to deliver some quality. That made us very determined, serious, and excited. Once we heard the final product it gave us satisfaction, and confidence for future projects.  Most Universities would have been close-minded to the idea of the ConU artists’ collaboration. I tell my friends at other universities and they can't believe our school helped us that much. This was a fabulous idea and I think should continue to the following years. What better way for a school to connect more with their students?”

- Trevor Misiurak
“Mze” of the Affiliates