“The Concordia Music Project was a complete success, watching the students inside the studio, writing their music and playing together as a band was a great experience, as well as my own experience creating music and recording it.  The atmosphere inside the studio was nothing short of magical, and it occurred to me, and perhaps to many others, that this was the way music was supposed to be created.  Young musicians, overjoyed with their newfound opportunity, focused themselves like never before, with the passion and enthusiasm that can only be found in the hearts of inspired youth.  For my part, this project was a long and arduous task, which was finally finished with the production of the CD fully recorded, covered, and packaged.  After all was said and done, it remains as one of my fondest achievements, and an experience I will long remember till the end of my days.  Thank you very much.”
-Mark MacDonald
President, The Animal House